" A miracle of a recording" on Hommage a Guastavino - "Wprost" Magazine

“He’s got it all: a complete technique, a beautiful sound, wonderful musicianship, and real individuality.  If you pass up this disc you are missing a gold mine (…) Highly distinctive performances (…) superb, intelligent artistry (…). This guy’s for real” - Jed Distler, Classics Today.com

"World-class artistry... Wojciech Kocyan not only stands ground alongside Pollini, Ashkenazy and Richter, but he also offers original insights that totally serve the music." - The Gramophone

“A commanding musical presence “ - Clarinet

“Incisive temperament, impeccable technique and sumptuous tone. (…) knows how to balance the elan with consummate artistry(…)conducted the discourse with a poetic quality and authority that makes the music evident.” - Michel Le Nour, Le  Monde de la Musique

“An outstanding pianist (…)His recording of Scriabin Sonata-Fantasy is one of the most beautiful recordings of that piece, including recordings by V.Ashkenazy, J.Ogdon, I.Zhukov and M.A.Hamelin.(…)” - P.Bagnowski, Musical Life

It would be very easy to try to describe his playing with the popular words; amazing, extraordinary, or wonderful. However, there is something besides that. What I think is special about him is the absolute truth that comes from his playing. He is not here for the fireworks, although his technique is effortless and breathtaking. He is so insightful and natural that we immediately can connect with emotions he presents to us (…). It does not happen too often to hear such royal and magnificent performance.” - Polonaise, Publication of the Chopin Foundation of the United States

“His tour was an artistic event. It was the playing of a master, unusually interesting, sparkling with exceptional richness of colors…refined, full of elan.” - Z.Jazwinska, Polish Radio

“Pianist’s performance warranted the instant ovation” - Sacramento Bee

“At the keyboard, he is a philosopher. (…) capable of a dazzling power of sound, but fascinated more with letting the notes sound out rather than with a feverish chase after the next note.(...) Beautiful, magical interpretation.(..)” - H.Milewska, Hi-Fi and Music

“Here we have two recordings of sonatas by Alexander Scriabin which may very well be regarded as "definitive". A bold statement indeed, but the fact is that Kocyan's performances of Scriabin's 1st and 2nd sonatas are quite simply sublime, and may set a new standard for all past and future recordings to match.

In the 1st sonata, Kocyan is particularly successful at drawing the emotional arc of the work. Scriabin wrote his 1st sonata as a lament for the (presumed) loss of his right hand, and of the early sonatas, I believe it is his most cohesive work. The four movements alternate anger and despair in mounting intensity, a structure that is never less than crystal clear under the hands of Kocyan, who is also one of the few to successfully convey the quiet agony of the second movement. Other pianists have performed this sonata quite admirably in the past (Ashkenazy certainly comes to mind), but never with as much attention to both the details and the overarching structure at the same time.

The unrelenting gloom of the 1st sonata is completely abandoned in the glorious 2nd sonata. Though considerably shorter than its predecessor, the 2nd posed some challenges to Scriabin in its compositional stage, taking five years to be completed, longer than any other sonata in his output. The result is a somewhat disjointed work, which may have been more interesting without the agitated second movement. As it stands, it is still a magnificent work in its own right, hard to play badly. Once again, Kocyan's performance easily outclasses the competition, the brilliance of his andante movement matched only by Sofronitsky's (the only movement he recorded).

Any self-respecting collector of Scriabin should own this record. For the uninitiated, it will serve as an excellent entry-point into the world of (early) Scriabin. As a bonus (at least from my point of view) it also features two exquisite Rachmaninov preludes, and a stellar performance of Prokofiev's 7th sonata.” - M.Hendrik, Amazon.com